The boardrooms of London

‘The perfect design business’

Like the decorator who never gets to paint his own home, we finally got around to completing our own website - after a year and a half in business... but we had been a bit busy!

We started with the vision of creating bespoke websites and brand design for SME businesses in North Shropshire, to help them step-up and maximise their potential, but we’ve also completed a large array of other projects too for multi-million pound businesses to sole trader start-ups throughout the UK.

Our ability to understand any of our clients’ business complexity and then organise it into a succinct proposition and supporting sales messages meant that we were requested to create several business presentations and then further assist by actually presenting them in the boardrooms of London. This client is delighted, and reports business is up over 20% since we became involved.

Our work has graced the desks and shelves of the major food retailers in the UK (and a German one too) and they have been mightily impressed.

One project, Barnstormer West Country Cheddar launched nationally in one of the big 4 UK retailers during Quarter 3 in 2016, and we’re proud to have created the brand, design and packaging for the single packs and SRP cases.

The WordPress community forums have been mined for new techniques and short cuts to solve all the technical web thingies that needed solving, and we have become a truly nimble business, aided on our ‘creative work-days’ by Simon’s very precise coffee-making technique.

Our design work has indeed travelled far and wide. We were recently commissioned to create packaging designs for an international supermarket group based in the Middle East, our work has also appeared in the USA, all over Europe and we even created a pack design for the No.1 Peanut Paste in Ghana.

In the last year we have directed 6 videos, created animated digital pitch-side advertising seen on national TV, supplied expertise for the Welsh Government and designed lots of press ads.

We’re much wiser too, having learnt all about high quality German modular kitchens, British artisan cheese, aluminium security shutters, roller garage doors, awnings, natural beauty products and we can now spot different makes of helicopters! Fairly diverse huh?

One client - impressed by our service said... ‘You are the perfect design business in a Tao-ist way, you don't seem to have to try. You just are.’

Thanks for reading. If we haven’t already, we look forward to meeting you one day soon.

Neil Ballard
Design Partner